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Hello, welcome to the internet!

Are you ready to make your own blog?

We are here to partner with you.
Our service is provided by Northwest Custom Webs, and we have many clients like you that just want a blog, but need help with hosting, database setup, plugins and Themes. That is what we are here for. We are just a email or phone call away to help. There is a only an monthly fee of $29.95 a month to host your site and custom daily blog support.  No hidden fees.

You can cancel at anytime, but you will be happy to know we are here for you. Blogging is fun, and it can be profitable with affiliate marketing also, which we will also help you with some tricks to do that also.
 (No extra cost).  We do not nickel and dime you.  The program is as described on the page, and little extras are just fine with us.  All we ask is to tell your friends about us, if we do a good job.  You can also cancel our support and just convert to hosting when you feel your ready.

Our staff will help you get a domain, and direct it to our hosting. Step up your database. Install Wordpress software and plugins for you, and help you find a Theme. Blogging will be fun when you know you have someone there to help you when you get stuck, or want to learn a new trick.

Contact us today and ask as many questions as you like. If you feel your ready, please setup your account from this page. You can also buy your domain here.

Our goal is to make blogging fun, professional and stress free. You should be focused on content, not technical issues. That our job. Hope to hear from you and thank you!

Here is just some of the many services we will provide:

  • Blog Hosting
  • Email Service
  • Database setup and connection
  • Theme installation and guidance
  • Plugin Installations and guidance
  • Security guidance
  • Wordpress navigation support
  • Affiliate Marketing ideas
  • Blogging guidance and SEO support
  • Domain setup
  • Help with images and banners
  • Search Engine submissions
  • Social Network ideas
  • Any stuff only you can think of